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Discover The 

Red Carbon Tech Ring®

For even more contactless convenience

share your Tech Card link with our popular

NFC enabled Red Carbon Tech Ring®

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+ Amaze & Inspire

Share your Tech Card with our beautiful

Red Carbon Inlay Zirconium ring.


-This ring is lightweight on the finger and won't cause any type of allergic reaction. The durability is very similar to that of Titanium and it makes an excellent choice for a men's or women's ring.


-Embedded NFC technology allows you to share your Tech Card url directly from your Tech Ring with the simple tap of an NFC enabled device. 


-With the added NFC capabilities this ring is a future proof must have!

+ Warranty 

Our Tech Rings come with a Life Time Warranty. If your Tech Ring breaks or for any reason stops functioning properly. We will send you a replacement Tech Ring. 

+ Durability

-Black Zirconium is extremely durable, it won't shatter like tungsten, it won't bend out of shape over time like precious metals and the surface is not a coating but simply a transformation of material into the oxide layer Zirconia, which is part of the actual material itself, so it's never going rub off or change color over time.

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+ Non-Toxic

-Zirconium is non-toxic - completely hypoallergenic and will not tarnish or react to body chemistry, so much so that it is often used in fillings and other dental work - so is a great metal for those with allergies or sensitive skin..Zirconium is great for rings because it is durable and has a strong resistance to corrosion - It is so tough and chemically stable that it is used to build nuclear reactors!

-Zirconium is an excellent choice for a wedding ring if you want something a little bit more modern and different. And with it connected to a Tech Card you can have a special message appear when the wearer taps with their phone. 

+ Hardness

-Zirconium is also more durable than black-coated rings, such as black titanium and black tungsten. 


-Zirconium rings are made from an alloy which primarily includes Zirconium with hafnium, iron, niobum, and other trace elements. Zirconium is rated as an 8.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

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