NFC Sticker

Forte™ NFC Stickers are 100% Compatible with All NFC Enabled Mobile Phones & Devices


No need for battery just tap and go, simple tap makes your phone much more fun and functional. Works great for device shortcuts and smart home commands.

NFC Sticker

  • Our NFC tags are read/writable so you can change the data as many times as you want. The data can be locked so the tag is read-only. Once the NFC tag is locked, it cannot be unlocked. This chip is a very fast modern chip with good reading range. WARNING: These NFC tags are not designed for use on metal, aluminum or electronic surfaces. An on-metal NFC tag should be used instead. 


    Product specifications: Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 540Bytes Usable Memory: 504Bytes Reading distance: 0-10cm  Write endurance > 100000 cycles Data Retention > 10 Years Lockable: YES

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