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Just a few simple steps and you've got your very own Tech Card®

Add your Content

We're all about content.

Add your contact details and

social networks 


Consider adding a gallery of photos 


Add Youtube videos and custom links so your customers get a rich experience!


Choose a Design

Choose from our selection of beautiful Tech Card Templates.

Your Tech Card is mobile friendly and easy to customize.

Not sure what to choose? No worries! You can easily switch designs at any time.



Once you're done setting up your

Tech Card – you'll have access to the unique url link to your card.


We encourage our users to save your Tech Card to the home screen of your mobile device – that way it's accessible from practically anywhere and can easily be shared with others.


This feature also transforms your Tech Card into a mobile app experience.


Start impressing your clients and increasing conversions. 

Click here for instructions on how to save your Tech Card to the home screen of your device.  



Whenever you want to share your Tech Card® with someone, just open your Tech Card from your device home screen and click on the "Share" button. Or tap to share if you're using one of our NFC enable Tech Rings® 

When sharing from your phone you

will be able to choose from any of these sharing method (SMS, WhatsApp,

Email and Facebook).

You can also copy the link to your

Tech Card and share it just like any

other web page.

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